Partner Offers

Partner Offers

The Fat Mo’ happily provides space to various outings, such as corporate events, parties, birthday celebrations, or even more official conferences meetings, wedding dinners. Welcome all!

 Fat Mo’ is perfect also for press conferences and PR events, as it is a place with a hightech public-address system, continuosly operating kitchen and bar, which creats a matchless atmosphere in a minute. All that said on the stage is perfectly heard from the very last row as well and the ones sitting far are able to follow the happenings from close by watching the screens.

Beside the served menu, seated reception is available with smorgasbord. We also have beamers to support small demonstrations, outplaced meetings, or even major events.

In case You are looking for a place for an outing, call Us, we will come back to You with an individual offer within a short timeframe!

Phone number:
+36 1 266 8027